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accommodation: leeds
job: nhs gender identity service
working on an investment fund with my brother

nhs mental health hospital

worked on the overlaying plan
no medication
[future: antigonadotropin: leuprorelin & estradiol [maximum dosage injections]]

worked on:
a one page summary
timeline of my life
mental health scale

the nurse has a supporting role:
with psychiatry, they are the ones that administer the medication
with psychology, they talk about the index offence and find ways to explore this; with myself there is this soullessness, so the homework was to create a diary of feelings to explore it, in the format of:
instead of lashing out, one can be civilised
the nurse's main role, is someone to talk to: finding problems, and their solutions
with occupational therapy, they have supported me to create art and linking this in with feelings

occupational therapy
singularly, poetry


on 21/02/2020 I was falsely accused of touching a child's vulva; I was arrested on 22/02/2020; I was charged on 05/06/2020; I was 'unfit to stand trial' thus had 'trial of the facts' whereby on 22/09/2021, I was found to have done the acts [touching a child's vulva]; on 15/02/2022 I was sectioned under the mental health act on section thirty eight - on 24/06/2022 I was sentenced: sectioned under the mental health act on section thirty seven forty one


primary school: the basics were done, such as: colours, structure, socialisation, so on; secondary school: was critical: from finding poets to creating art; this is when things happened; university was the best time of my life: waking up, running to the gym, the bus station toilets, the shop, pornography, [work], bath, bed; studied hacking